Reality Check


How great is this? I saw it on Pinterest today and fell in love. It’s a reminder to keep in perspective the good and the reason behind what you do. This hits home for me because sometimes I become so wrapped up in my own work and struggles that it’s hard to look at the bigger picture. This reminds me to stay positive and to remember why I do what I do. It also gives me motivation to include that mentality in my work moving forward. Not bad for a Tuesday, right?

This moves me so much that I absolutely must find a way to have this on my desk. I think I’d like to somehow incorporate it into a Digital Download so that I can print and frame it. The question is; what photo should I take to accompany it? Anyone have any ideas?



The Etsy Shop

My Etsy shop is officially back in business! I’ve added the pillows you saw in the previous post in addition to some blank cards, paper flowers, and a couple of digital downloads, so if you feel so inclined, click here to ch-ch-check it out! 

Be forewarned-digital downloads are new for me. I’ve seen sites like Lulu & Georgia (which I’m obsessed with, by the way) advertise their prints, but I really wanted to do something original that would incorporate some of the photos I’ve taken. So, enter stage left, my digital downloads. Each one features a photo that I’ve taken along with a quote that means something to me. I’d love to get to a point where my photos are selling by themselves, but, until then I’ll add a quote. What do you think? Should I quit while I’m ahead? 


I’m so crafty, I sweat glitter


Check out one of the pillows I just made! I went to the craft store on Friday to look around for some way to display my cards at my upcoming craft fair and absolutely fell in LOVE with this clearance fabric. Normally $31 per yard, I got it for just $13. Are you kidding? How could I not get a yard or two? I’ve been itching to sew lately so this was the perfect opportunity for me to really dive into that. I spent all of Friday evening sewing away (by hand, nonetheless), and this is the finished product! I love it so much that I went back on Saturday and got another yard of the sale fabric as well as a few different yards and made even MORE pillows. 


You’ll also see the other fruits of my labor in this photo-the paper flowers! There’s just so much you can do with these. I love using them as just a little whimsy in my photos, but I’m also going to work on making bouquets and I’m experimenting with color. The possibilities for these little babies are endless!

If you’re interested in purchasing a pillow or some flowers, I just ask that you bear with me as I finish renovating my Etsy shop. I was going to open a shop on my website, but it appears I have to jump through a few more hoops than I have the means to at this time, so I’m going to renovate and list all of my inventory on Etsy VERY quickly. If you would like to reserve anything, send me an e-mail at kayla (at) and we can make that happen! 

Have a great Sunday, everyone!

Experimenting with Texture

Hi everyone! I hope you’re enjoying your Easter!

Since I’ve been doing so much work to my blog, Facebook, and website, I just had to take a break and get back to basics. With the seasons finally changing here in Michigan from what felt like an eternal Winter to Spring, I’ve found myself really gravitating toward pastels and florals. That’s a typical response for pretty much everyone in Springtime so I really wanted to take my inspiration to the next level for some new blank card designs. After looking at my current stock, I came to the realization that everything I currently have is very two-dimensional. I really wanted to bring life to some new designs and what better way to do that than with some texture and flowers? Here’s where I landed.


Let me know what you think!

I’m going to do some more work on my website and potentially my Etsy (if I can’t get my Shop to work on my website) within the next week or so, so stay tuned for some of those changes!

In the meantime, enjoy yourselves!



Massive Updates

Good afternoon, folks!

I have to say that I officially went through a creative drought. I fell ill in late November-December (which made for a horrible holiday season, let me tell you) and, since then, I have been completely out of sorts. Work on my website, Etsy, and Prohibition and Pearls as a whole had to take a back seat so that I could focus on my overall health. BUT…enough about the bad; let’s talk about the good!

  • Since my last post, I’ve adopted a MUCH healthier lifestyle. I’m working out regularly and eating in a much healthier way which has made an INSANE impact on my overall wellness.
  • I’ve had the opportunity to lend my creativity to another medium; photography. While I’m still incredibly passionate about my papercrafting, I think I’ve found another love in portrait photography and simply cannot wait to cultivate that and add it to Prohibition and Pearls’s repertoire!
  • I’m participating in another craft show in May and, let me just say, I am over the moon about this one. It’s going to be incredibly small, but it’s in the town in which I live, so I’m pretty excited about meeting some of my neighbors. It’s happening at the annual Block Party. How cute is that?! I basically live in Mayberry.


So, it looks like the drought is over. I’m feeling a torrential downpour of creativity and ready to start DOING something again! April showers bring May flowers, right? 😉



Wonderful Wednesday

Hi all!

I just wanted to keep you all in the loop as to my goings-on since I’ve been insanely busy!

1.) I went a little crazy a few days ago with getting prepared for Holiday cards. We’re talking stamps, paper, new embossing powder, the whole shebang. I’m so excited to start creating the holiday collection!

2.) I got new packaging for stationery! I ordered new boxes and created my very own stickers (thank you, Vistaprint) so those are on their way as well!

3.) I’m participating in an expo in November in the Jackson, MI area to feature my Holiday collection and other designs. If you’re around that area, come see me! I’d love to meet you all!

4.) I’m hoping to make save the dates and invitations for one of my oldest friends! We’re meeting next weekend to go over the details, but I’m SO excited about this!

5.) And finally…I’m getting prepared for another giveaway! Pay attention to the Facebook page and make sure to participate! 🙂


Naming Conventions


Today, I’d like to tell you all how Prohibition and Pearls got its name!

I knew I wanted my business name to reflect who I am, but how do you really convey that with a few simple words? And, even more, how do you do that while also making sure people know your line of business? I wrestled with this for quite a while. Anything I thought of just seemed too forced or unnatural. I’d legitimately sit for extended periods of time trying to wring a droplet of creativity out of the dry desert of my mind. Eventually, I decided to take a step back from the naming process and focus my efforts on something a bit more tangible so I could feel a semblance of success. I worked on my designs for both invitations and blank cards and quickly forgot about my naming distress. Apparently I have a short attention span.

One day while crafting my little heart out, I decided to turn on my iTunes. I like to do this sometimes when I’ve really hit my creative stride because it’s like you hear the music with new ears. You have this new connection with the songs you’ve heard a thousand times and your brain dances a little bit. I know, I’m weird. One of my favorite songs is Flapper Girl by The Lumineers, so naturally I start singing along when it comes on. I get to the lyric that says, “flapper girl, flapper girl prohibition and curls” and I ALWAYS sing “prohibition and pearls.” It never fails. For some reason, I cannot convince my brain to say the correct thing. And that’s when it hit me. That’s my business name. That’s who I am. I’ve always considered myself to be a modern girl with a vintage soul. My designs are all styled to be old fashioned and very Art Deco. It just felt 100% right. And that’s also when I learned one of my biggest lessons: don’t force it! When you’re not feeling it, it’s time to stop it. And that’s why I’ll never push myself to commercialize my designs. It’s so important to me to have every design created with love because I truly think it makes a difference.

The minute you …

The minute you find yourself saying, “It’s not personal, it’s business” is the minute you should stop being in business.

Everything about business is personal. I believe that personal relationships come first and foremost and that as long as you’re kind and you give as much as you receive, you will be successful. Whether this is to your employees, customers, the guy delivering your mail, whoever. You just absolutely must be kind. Do I want Prohibition and Pearls to be lucrative, of course! But I won’t do it at the expense of anyone else. I believe that you CAN get to the top by being a good person and I intend to prove it.

Free Ship Friday

Because today was a great day, I decided to do a little something called Free Ship Friday. There’s a special code that you can enter at checkout when purchasing from the Etsy shop that will waive all of your shipping costs on any item! How do you get this code, you might ask? Simple. Head over to the Facebook Page and you’ll see that I posted it on the wall. And while you’re there, why don’t you “Like” the Page? I do giveaways and announce coupon codes there all the time and who doesn’t love free stuff? Am I right? 

And because this is our first Free Ship Friday (and also because I’m announcing it later in the evening), I’ve extended the coupon code until midnight on Sunday!

Simply Sweet

Check out the Simply Sweet collection! You can get a pack of 10 with envelopes for just $6. How great is that? These 4″ x 5.5″ cards are blank on the inside, but feature a simply sweet outside, much like myself! KIDDING. But seriously, check them out. They’re simple and you can use them for juuuust about anything.