I’m a modern girl with a vintage soul.
My creativity manifests itself in many forms.

I started Prohibition and Pearls in August of 2013 as a creative endeavor specializing in hand-made wedding invitations. My original goal was to create these custom invitations for brides and grooms all over the world to send to their guests. This may be the old-fashioned in me but, to me, there is nothing more meaningful than something on paper. There is a sense of permanence when something is physically printed on paper that you lose in the age of electronic communication. It was important to me to preserve that.

Since August, Prohibition and Pearls has grown in ways I could have never imagined. While I still offer my custom invitations, I’ve also broadened my market to include blank cards and stationery and, more recently, I’ve begun to learn the art of portrait photography. I actively participate in craft fairs and have become as involved as possible in my fellow crafters’ endeavors. Prohibition and Pearls has slowly evolved from a small Etsy shop specializing in a single thing into a full-service creative outlet that allows me to share my products and experiences with all of you!

Enough about me, let’s talk about you! Firstly, I want to thank you so much for visiting my page. Please know how much I appreciate you and your support. If you feel so inclined, drop me a line!

kayla (at) prohibitionandpearls.com

Love and popsicles,



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