Why should you use paper flowers for your events?

As I’ve mentioned about a thousand times now, I absolutely LOVE flowers. I love peonies, hydrangea, dahlias, roses, wildflowers, sunflowers, the list goes on. I love how beautiful they are and I love how I feel when I have fresh flowers in my home. I enjoy looking at them, smelling them, and genuinely appreciate that they came from nature. The problem is that they can be so incredibly expensive. The frugal, practical part of me is always whispering, “…but they’re going to dieeee!” and I can’t help but listen. As a girl on a budget, it’s sometimes hard for me to justify spending $15 on something that I know is going to wilt away, no matter how much I know I’ll appreciate it when it’s flourishing. Taking this a step further, how much do we actually spend on flowers for all of our special events? As someone who’s getting married in 13 days and having a fairly small wedding, it was going to cost over $1,000.00 to have flowers the way I wanted them at my wedding. This may be the exception, not the rule, but that’s still a pretty steep price for (again) something I know is going to die. More than that, once they die, they have little to no value to me. Sure you can dry a few bouquets, but really, what do you do with those? If only there were someone who made flowers that never died so that I could enjoy them on my wedding day and use them for other things after…

OH WAIT! That’s me! I’m that person!

I made the decision about a month ago to make all of the flowers for my wedding and I haven’t looked back! Sure, it’s a little bit of work, but it’s completely worth it. I’m making these massive bouquets as centerpieces and not only will I not have to worry about them wilting, but I’m going to give them away as gifts for my guests so that they can use them as decor in their homes! I’ve compiled a mini list of other reasons why you should use paper flowers for your events. Check it out and send me your suggestions! And if you’re interested in me making paper flowers for your events, make sure to check out my Etsy store! I love doing custom orders and weddings are my FAVORITE!

Why You Should Use Paper Flowers


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