I’m so crafty, I sweat glitter


Check out one of the pillows I just made! I went to the craft store on Friday to look around for some way to display my cards at my upcoming craft fair and absolutely fell in LOVE with this clearance fabric. Normally $31 per yard, I got it for just $13. Are you kidding? How could I not get a yard or two? I’ve been itching to sew lately so this was the perfect opportunity for me to really dive into that. I spent all of Friday evening sewing away (by hand, nonetheless), and this is the finished product! I love it so much that I went back on Saturday and got another yard of the sale fabric as well as a few different yards and made even MORE pillows. 


You’ll also see the other fruits of my labor in this photo-the paper flowers! There’s just so much you can do with these. I love using them as just a little whimsy in my photos, but I’m also going to work on making bouquets and I’m experimenting with color. The possibilities for these little babies are endless!

If you’re interested in purchasing a pillow or some flowers, I just ask that you bear with me as I finish renovating my Etsy shop. I was going to open a shop on my website, but it appears I have to jump through a few more hoops than I have the means to at this time, so I’m going to renovate and list all of my inventory on Etsy VERY quickly. If you would like to reserve anything, send me an e-mail at kayla (at) prohibitionandpearls.com and we can make that happen! 

Have a great Sunday, everyone!


4 thoughts on “I’m so crafty, I sweat glitter

  1. Well there goes my “I don’t have a sewing machine” excuse for various projects, your pillows look amazing! Did they take forever? I sell on Etsy too, mostly jewelry, I’ll have to check out your shop!

    • They didn’t take long at all! I actually have a sewing machine, but it was really relaxing to just sit on the couch and stitch away.

      What’s your Etsy shop called? I’m always in the market for jewelry 😉

      • I know what you mean, I usually knit/crochet while I watch Netflix before bed. It’s called Pastiche Accessories, I do mostly polymer clay stuff and some beading. What’s your shop name?

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