Massive Updates

Good afternoon, folks!

I have to say that I officially went through a creative drought. I fell ill in late November-December (which made for a horrible holiday season, let me tell you) and, since then, I have been completely out of sorts. Work on my website, Etsy, and Prohibition and Pearls as a whole had to take a back seat so that I could focus on my overall health. BUT…enough about the bad; let’s talk about the good!

  • Since my last post, I’ve adopted a MUCH healthier lifestyle. I’m working out regularly and eating in a much healthier way which has made an INSANE impact on my overall wellness.
  • I’ve had the opportunity to lend my creativity to another medium; photography. While I’m still incredibly passionate about my papercrafting, I think I’ve found another love in portrait photography and simply cannot wait to cultivate that and add it to Prohibition and Pearls’s repertoire!
  • I’m participating in another craft show in May and, let me just say, I am over the moon about this one. It’s going to be incredibly small, but it’s in the town in which I live, so I’m pretty excited about meeting some of my neighbors. It’s happening at the annual Block Party. How cute is that?! I basically live in Mayberry.


So, it looks like the drought is over. I’m feeling a torrential downpour of creativity and ready to start DOING something again! April showers bring May flowers, right? 😉




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