Naming Conventions


Today, I’d like to tell you all how Prohibition and Pearls got its name!

I knew I wanted my business name to reflect who I am, but how do you really convey that with a few simple words? And, even more, how do you do that while also making sure people know your line of business? I wrestled with this for quite a while. Anything I thought of just seemed too forced or unnatural. I’d legitimately sit for extended periods of time trying to wring a droplet of creativity out of the dry desert of my mind. Eventually, I decided to take a step back from the naming process and focus my efforts on something a bit more tangible so I could feel a semblance of success. I worked on my designs for both invitations and blank cards and quickly forgot about my naming distress. Apparently I have a short attention span.

One day while crafting my little heart out, I decided to turn on my iTunes. I like to do this sometimes when I’ve really hit my creative stride because it’s like you hear the music with new ears. You have this new connection with the songs you’ve heard a thousand times and your brain dances a little bit. I know, I’m weird. One of my favorite songs is Flapper Girl by The Lumineers, so naturally I start singing along when it comes on. I get to the lyric that says, “flapper girl, flapper girl prohibition and curls” and I ALWAYS sing “prohibition and pearls.” It never fails. For some reason, I cannot convince my brain to say the correct thing. And that’s when it hit me. That’s my business name. That’s who I am. I’ve always considered myself to be a modern girl with a vintage soul. My designs are all styled to be old fashioned and very Art Deco. It just felt 100% right. And that’s also when I learned one of my biggest lessons: don’t force it! When you’re not feeling it, it’s time to stop it. And that’s why I’ll never push myself to commercialize my designs. It’s so important to me to have every design created with love because I truly think it makes a difference.


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